For over 45 years Ziller Tile Has been a family operated business.  In that time, the company has expanded from doing smaller, local projects to large-scale chain and commercial jobs.  But no matter how much it has grown, Ziller Tile's dedication to family, along with caring for employees and the community, has never changed.

Bill Ziller was only 16 years old when he became a tile setter's apprentice.  He continued to farm and work for a local tile company until 1969, when he and his wife, Julie, founded Ziller Tile.

In the early 1970's the company started taking off when it teamed up with a contractor that built McDonald's restaurants in California and Arizona.  During that time, Ziller Tile's projects also included truck stops, shopping malls and airports around the country.  In 1986, Ziller Tile opened a retail store when Bill's son-in-law, Keith Kelley, joined the company.  By 1990 Ziller Tile began focusing on commercial and residential projects in Nebraska and in 1991 Bill's son, Tom, joined the company.  

Tom and Keith, who are now owners of the company, stress that it is still very much a family-run business, but it is definitely a company that is supported by its dedicated employees.  Ziller Tile's retail store offers many different options for flooring, countertops, brick and stone.  Our installers work on a variety of projects, ranging from custom residential work to larger projects like hospitals, schools and department stores.  Being a family run business allows the company to strongly and effectively focus on each of these specialties individually.